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SunSail Shade

Beach Bowl Game $25.00 Weekly
Surf Board 8′ $60.00 Weekly

SunSail Shade

$75.00 Weekly

SKU: Sun Sail


SunSail will work great in wind conditions between 3-20mph. Wind direction may shift from time to time. In this case, simply unscrew one anchor with one hand and while holding the frame with the other and keeping it engaged in the screw, reposition the direction of the SunSail to face directly into the oncoming breeze and screw the anchor back deep into the surface.

Two anchor screws are secured firmly into the ground. A strong yet flexible pole connected, threaded through a lightweight UPF50+ canopy and each end is inserted firmly into each anchor screw. The tension and arc created by the frame allows for a light breeze to lift the canopy into the air and gently suspend overhead creating a perfect space to enjoy a hot sunny day!


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