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Beach Bowl Game

Shibumi Shade Mini $50.00 Weekly
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Beach Bowl Game

$25.00 Weekly

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How to play Beach Bowl

Stake down 2 game boards parallel to shore 5, 7, or 9 paces apart or 1 game board perpendicular to the shore with a rolling line 5, 7, or 9 paces away.

Use the Scupper to dig out 6 holes on game board as shown

Players must roll from anywhere behind the front of the game board. Each team/player gets 2 alternating rolls. Remove the ball after each roll (leave the ball in if playing with a single game board)


  • First team/player to 21 wins (Must win by 2)
  • First Row = 1 point
  • Second Row = 2 points
  • Third Row = 3 points

CHALLENGE – Must win by 2.
CHALLENGE – Win by getting exac tly 21. If over, go back to 17.

For more information visit https://beachbowl.co/


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